First Half of 2017 Financial Summary

First Half, 2017 Pledge Offering totaled $260,709, lower than Budget by $11,764 or 4% but higher than last year by $5,595 or 2%. These represent 70.2% of total First Half Receipts. Thanks to our church members for their Pledge Offerings in the First Half of the year. Now that we are in the Second Half of the year, we continue to encourage our church members to remain current with their Pledges. This will allow your church to achieve its missionary and outreach goals and meet our financial obligations on a timely basis.

Combined Receipts in the First Half of 2017 totaled $371,508, higher than Budget by $17,376 or 4.9% with positive variances in General and Miscellaneous Receipts, Trust Income and Local and Foreign Outreach Funding more than offsetting lower Pledge and Unpledged Receipts and Investment Income.

Total expenses for the First Half, 2017 was $354,712, slightly lower than Budgeted Expenses of $356,945.

Net Surplus for the First Half, 2017 totaled $16,796, compared to a Budgeted deficiency of $2,813. This is very positive and illustrates that our Church is operating within its Budgetary Guidelines.

In summary, higher than Budgeted Receipts and lower than Budgeted expenses were the reasons for your Church’s First Half Positive Net Surplus.


First Half Grant Receipts from Cannon Trust:

All Saints recently received a $40,000 Grant from The Cannon Charitable Trust.
The Grant will be used in several areas of the church as follows:

1 – To complete the final phase of our plan to replace all HVAC units, with high energy efficient systems (Welcome Center).

2 – To replace the existing exterior door leading to the playground from the educational wing with a more energy efficient door that has a panic bar exit device.

3 – To replace all exterior wood doors in the Nave and add panic bars.

4 – To install lever lock door handles in the education wing and office area to enhance safety and improve ease of access in compliance with the American Disability Act – ADA compliance.

5 – Replacing halogen lamps in the parking lot with LED lamps.


Contact Information:

If you have any questions about your church’s finances please contact Gil Small, Treasurer, by email.
All Saints’ Finance Committee regularly meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every month and those meetings are always open.