Torah Aura

How our shared and ancient text – a Torah scroll – is made, read, and used in our times.

Ever wondered how the ancient scribes wrote the entire text of the Five Books of Moses onto one long scroll? Did you know that some letters are written differently than others or why some rabbis say there are actually six books to read, not just five, in the scroll?

Join Temple Or Olan and Rabbi Barbara Thiede for an educational and fun afternoon learning about how a Torah is made.  Rabbi Theide will demonstrate how a Torah is read, or rather, sung.  We’ll look at special features in the handwritten scroll used by Temple Or Olam and learn how it is carried and used.  We’ll find out about the materials (all natural!) that have been used to create such scrolls for thousands of years.  Three attendees will be chosen to “find” their own Torah verses in Genesis and the afternoon activities will include a raffle featuring Jewish art and Jewish food.   Snacks and coffee to follow!

Part of the proceeds from this event will got to support our host congregations, McGill Baptist Church.

Date: Sunday, February 25
Location: McGill Baptist Church, 5300 Poplar Tent Rd., Concord
Time: 3 PM
Tickets: $10 (13 years and up)