Adult Christian Formation, Fall 2019

Controversial Texts: Exploring Our Faith Through Writings Included and Excluded from the Bible

September 15 – May 2020, weekly sessions at 10 AM

Location: Parish Hall

Facilitator: Jerrod Smith

Supplemental Materials: Study Guide to the Apocrypha

Anyone who has attended an Episcopal Church for any length of time has come across them, maybe in the scripture readings on a Sunday morning, or in words read aloud at weddings: names like Tobit, Baruch, The Book of Wisdom…names that sound just Biblical enough, but not exactly familiar. Or perhaps you’ve caught a show on the History Channel about gospels out there other than the four we consider to be holy texts, with names like The Gospel of Thomas, or the Gnostic Gospels. And then there was that time you tried to read the entire Bible and were stunned at the content of books like The Song of Solomon, or the Book of Revelation, or you pondered why a book like Esther, which never even mentions God, would be included in our Old Testament. 

These moments bring us face to face with the reality that The Bible has a rich and dynamic history, and that for centuries, Christian faith has been enriched by wrestling with what is, and what is not, considered holy text.  In this ongoing group Bible study, we will examine and discuss many of these texts together, through the lenses of the Episcopal tradition, historical context, the Holy Bible itself, and our own faith.  We’ll begin with a history lesson on the Bible, and then move into explorations of the Apocrypha,the books of the Old and New Testaments whose inclusion in the Holy Bible were debated by the early church, and the non-canonical gospels.  Come with questions, your own experience, and an eagerness to discuss scripture with other believers.

Stephen Ministry: Everything you ever wanted to know about Stephen Ministry (but were too puzzled to ask)

Starting September 15 at 10 AM, continuing quarterly

Location: Community Room

Facilitator: Debbie Lewallen

In Galatians 6:2, we are directed to “Bear on another’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”  In today’s world we need to do this more than ever.  Here at, All Saints’, our mission is to Love like God does and, in that vein, we have a well-trained group of Stephen Ministers providing loving care to those in distress.

Stephen Ministry is an international program of 13,000 congregations and more than 600,000 Stephen Ministers who provide one-to-one lay caring ministry to their congregations and communities at-large. All Saints’ has been proving this ministry since 2014 to individuals within our church and community.  This has translated into over 1,500 hours, as of the 2018 annual report, of one-to-one confidential care for our care receivers. 

New Camino

September 22 at 10 AM

Facilitator: The Rev. Canon Daniel Robayo

The Rev. Canon Robayo is the Missioner for Latino/Hispanic Ministries in the Diocese of North Carolina. In addition to preaching and celebrating this day, he will be leading a special forum that you do not want to miss!

Petting Zoo for St. Francis Day

October 6 at 10 AM

Location: Church Parking Lot

An opportunity for all ages, this is a great time to snuggle with multiple species of furry friends, all in celebration of the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi.

An Introduction to Creation Care

October 6 at 10 AM

Facilitator: Mark Robinson

No other species in all of Creation exploits and consumes the earth’s resources like humans do. Did you know that our diocese and the national Episcopal church have made Creation Care a priority?  Why would faith communities care about the environment? Are you aware of the personal Pledge for the Care of Creation from the Episcopal Church?  Did you know that this pledge is an extension of the Jesus Movement? Is God calling you to be more loving, more liberating, and more life-giving in your relationship to the whole of creation?  

Moving from the world to Cabarrus County: did you know that at the current rate we are generating waste we will fill our local landfills in 6-8 years?  Did you know that improperly recycled waste just goes to the landfill? Are you aware of the Recycle Right Campaign? 

Join Mark in a dialogue about these and other questions, and how we can be better stewards of this fragile earth, our island home.    

Demystifying Islam: A Personal Account

October 13 at 10 AM

Facilitator: Dr. Hadia Mubarak

Biography: Hadia Mubarak is an assistant professor of Religious Studies at Guilford College, where she teaches courses on women and gender in Islam, Islam and Modernization, and reading sacred texts. She previously served as a research fellow with the New York Abu Dhabi Research Institute in the Humanities (2017-2018), where she worked on her monograph, Gender in the Qurʾan: Modern Debates in North Africa. Mubarak taught as a lecturer in Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2015-2017. She also served as a visiting lecturer at Davidson College during the 2015-2016 academic year. Mubarak completed her Ph.D. in Islamic Studies from Georgetown University, where she specialized in modern and classical Qurʾanic exegesis, Islamic feminism, and gender reform in the modern Muslim world. 

Dr. Hadia Mubarak will help clear up some common misconceptions about Islam and touch upon some basic beliefs, theological concepts, and practices. Participants should return home with a better understanding of what it means to be an American Muslim.  An opportunity for questions and answers will follow the presentation.  

Gun Violence in America: Personal Accounts of the UNC-Charlotte Shooting

Coming in November

Faithful Questions

Dates TBD

Facilitator: Dave Millar

10-12 sessions offered to prepare parishioners for confirmation.

Focusing on Interpersonal Communications

Dates TBD

Facilitator: Rachel Berg