After Dark @ All Saints’ 2023

AFTER DARK @ ALL SAINTS’ EPISCOPAL CHURCH offers an opportunity to learn something new and interesting while helping raise needed funds for community organizations like Cooperative Christian Ministry, Community Free Clinic, battered women’s shelter and others. Most classes costs $20. There is an extra charge for materials in some classes that must be paid when you register, but you either take a project home or enjoy some wonderful food. Classes begin at 3:00 on Saturdays and Sundays, and 6:30 all other days. Sessions run approximately 90 minutes and the teachers are experts in their field.

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Thursday, February 2, 6:30

Italian Cooking with Chef Tristan Snead
Sorry, this session is full.
Join Tristan Snead, Executive Chef with Pro Sports Catering and 2-time winner of the Innovative Chef of the Year competition, as you learn to make an Italian meal.  It does not have to be pasta-centric!  But what is Italian without Parmesan?  You will incorporate the signature cheese into the main dish and the sides.  Make a quick and delicious Parmesan-crusted chicken breast.  Learn how to make Parm crisps, a delightful and creative add-on that you will use to garnish your whipped potatoes. Then add Parm-crusted asparagus to complete the meal, which we will sit down and enjoy together.  

Cost for materials:  $10 in addition to registration
Session is limited to 10 participants age 21 and over.

Preparing your Garden for Spring:
Brent Barbee
Many of us have a small vegetable garden or planting area in our yard and we want to make it better. What can you do to make your plants happier and healthier? What should you do now, to create a more inviting garden habitat? Mr. Barbee is an expert farmer with years of experience growing beautiful produce commercially. He will have information to help you have a more productive harvest and happier plants of all types.

College Applications and Admissions:  Jean Bonnyman
The college admission and application process has become complex today. The rate of change has become exponential as colleges try to adjust to the diverse needs of Americans in a quickly changing world. Parents and students who are not informed about the college application process today can miss opportunities and the  “best fit college.”
Jean Bonnyman will present an information session on the college  admission and application process for parents and students. There will be handouts and time to answer questions. This meeting will be especially relevant for current juniors and sophomores, and any parent who is interested.
Jean is an independent college counselor and learning specialist at the Davidson Center, in Davidson, NC. Before moving to Concord, she served in these roles at the Darlington School near Atlanta. She also consults at the Fletcher School and Trinity Christian Preparatory School in Charlotte.

Friday, February 3, 6:30

Poker 101: Mike Wolford
One of the most fun classes from past sessions makes a return appearance!  Are you curious about the game of Poker?  It has grown in popularity around the world, both around the card table and online.  It has gained a place on ESPN and there is an ongoing debate about whether it is a sport and how legal it should be.  What are the basic elements of the game and how can you get experience playing?  What are some basic strategies to help you be a successful player?  Come and learn from World Series of Poker circuit veteran Mike Wolford as he introduces you to the intriguing world of Poker.
Session is limited to 8 participants age 21 and over.

Pairing Beer and Food:  Cabarrus Brewing Company and Don & Alice Smith
Sorry, this session is full.
Pairing beers with complementary foods is an emerging field.  To learn more about what to consider when planning, join Cabarrus Brewing co-owner and our own Don and Alice Smith for a sampling of four widely different brews, each paired with just the right food.  The sampling will take you from appetizer through proteins to dessert, with enough food for a full meal.
 Session is limited to 18 participants age 21 and over.

Saturday, February 4, 3:00

What to do now so you won’t worry about it later:  Joe Hunter
No matter your age, it is not too early—or too late—to take steps that will make life smoother down the road.  Whether that is for your own sake, or the sake of those who follow you, here are items that are worth your attention.
·      Finances
·      Estate planning
·      Property, trusts, investments
·      Wills
·      Power of attorney, medical power of attorney, DNR, etc
·      Funeral requests
·      Where can I get these forms?
·      Where should I keep these forms?
·      Who should get copies?
·      How do I choose an executor?

Oil Painting:
So you want to give painting a try?  
 Bob Thompson
Sorry, this session is full.
We will have a hands-on oil painting class for anyone interested in learning a few basics on getting started with painting.  Each participant will be given a canvas, brushes and paint. Each will leave with a landscape painting suitable for framing.
It will be hosted by the not-quite-so-famous painter, Bob Thompson. He will start by demonstrating how to compose and block-in a canvas panel. Then each participant will paint a four-color landscape, with Bob’s guidance and encouragement.
He promises only one thing:  It will be fun and a nice way to spend some time on a Saturday afternoon!
Wear comfortable clothing that you won’t mind getting a little paint on!
Session is limited to 10 participants, age 16 and over
Cost for materials: $9  in addition to registration.

Sunday, February 5, 3:00

Stained Glass Crafting:  Brad Fisher
Sorry, this session is full.
Working with stained glass is easier than it seems. Although it does require a special set of tools and equipment, once you have access to these, you’ll find that the process of turning your designs into gorgeous stained glass pieces is really quite simple!
Join us to learn the basic techniques for making stained glass art.
Stained glass artwork has been around for 1,000 years.  Here is your chance to try your hand at the historic practice.  You will make a design of your choice, suitable for hanging in a window or on a wall.  Working in teams of two, you will practice glass-cutting, but you will assemble your artwork from pre-cut pieces of glass.  You will then solder and finish your own piece of art. 
Limited to 8 participants.
Cost of materials: $10.00 in addition to registration.

Wine Primer:  Alice Smith and Rebecca Bahn
Not sure which wine is which, and which one you prefer?  During this class we will sample Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon to learn the difference between these two red wines.  And we’ll sample and compare Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay, two popular white wines.  Many people enjoy wine and cheese together. We will pair Aldi wines and Aldi cheeses during a casual gathering in the Welcome Center.  It is possible to have a lovely party without spending a lot of money.  You’ll come away with a basic awareness of a few popular types of wine, and will be able to walk the wine aisle with confidence!
Limited to participants age 21 and up

If We Could Talk to the Animals:  Rabbi Barbara Thiede
Two talking animals appear in the Hebrew Bible. The first, the well-known serpent of Genesis, is the “shrewdest” of all (or so the text seems to tell us). The second is a donkey – a faithful servant to the God-fearing (and foreign!) seer Balaam. These two have a great deal in common: their stories include encounters with divine forces, they converse directly with humans, and both turn out to be truth-tellers. What might we learn if we didn’t talk to the animals, but listened to what they have to say from the pages of our bibles? Rabbi Thiede brings her signature combination of insight, knowledge, and whimsy to this engaging session.

Monday, February 6, 6:30

Local News Now and in the Future:  Mark Plemmons
The news industry is in a state of rapid change, especially newspapers. How did we get here?
What is the future of newspapers? How can you help?
Mark Plemmons, the editor of the Independent Tribune, will share information about the local newspaper and the changing industry. Plemmons is also the play-by-play voice of the Charlotte 49ers Women’s basketball team and the owner of Radio Free Cabarrus/485 Sports, a small Internet broadcasting company. He has been in the media since 1980. He will share his opinions on the state of local news and sports, the challenges, and the future, including the shift to digital delivery and the importance of an independent local media.

Plumbing:  Susan Yelton
Did you know that a running toilet can waste up to 3-1/2 gallons per minute? Knowing a few tricks to working on it can save you hundreds of dollars. We will have a real plumber there to show you how to identify the correct parts and fix it yourself, plus a question and answer session for your other plumbing questions.

Tuesday, February 7, 6:30

Poker 201: Mike Wolford
If you are ready to practice what you learned in Poker 101, or if you are already proficient in poker’s basics, move to the next level in this course taught by Mike Wolford, World Series of Poker veteran.  Want to know about pot odds, continuation betting, table image, position play?  These are just some of the concepts that will be covered to help advance your game and make you a winning player.
Session is limited to 8 participants age 21 and over.

Bang Bang Shrimp: Don Smith
Sorry, this session is full.
Don Smith will have you making a delicious dish. It’s served at restaurants and is called Bang Bang Shrimp, or spicy shrimp. You will make the sauce, coat your shrimp with panko and chop the lettuce. And then we’ll sit together and enjoy your delicious creation.
Session is limited to 10 participants
Cost for materials:  $10 in addition to registration.

Thursday, February 9, 6:30

Automotive maintenance:  Chad Raitz
How confident are you about taking care of your vehicle?  Mr. Chad Raitz is a favorite speaker at our After Dark event.  He owns Raitz Automotive Service in Kannapolis and has helped keep drivers safe for many years.  He will explain maintenance needs for cars of different ages and models, and he’ll teach you how to be a smart owner.  Do you know what the symbols on your dashboard mean?  How often do you REALLY need to change your oil? What kind of oil is best? You will leave this session confident that you will not be cheated at a repair shop, and you will learn some basic essentials of car ownership.

Friday, February 10, 6:30

Lamp Making:  Don Smith
Your beautiful bottle can be made into a handsome lamp.  Do you have a lovely wine bottle, or another good-sized bottle (liqueur, whiskey, something else)?  Bring your special bottle to Don Smith several days before class and he will prepare it for its new role by drilling a hole in it.  Don will provide the materials for your lamp project and will teach you how to wire your lamp during the class. (Shades and bulbs are not provided.)
Session is limited to 7 participants.
Cost for materials:  $12 in addition to registration.

The Future of Kannapolis:  Mayor Darrell Hinnant
The City of Kannapolis is well underway on a visionary plan to revitalize the heart of Downtown. Following extensive research, analysis and public input, the City determined that anchor projects could bring significant numbers of people into town, both to visit and to live. In addition to the N.C. Research Campus, Kannapolis boasts three anchors: a unique streetscape, a sports and entertainment venue that has just been named the best ballpark in the country, and a mixed use development featuring retail and residential.
Kannapolis mayor, Darrell Hinnant, will tell us about where the city will go from here.

Cool Tools:  Nancy Hunter
The vast array of kitchen gadgets on the market is daunting.  They all look great!  Which ones do you need? Which do you already have but are not using to their max potential? Join Nancy Hunter as she shows us how to use some cool kitchen tools and gadgets.   She will demonstrate how to use several very handy items, and then you will try them out.  We will end up with dinner salads, each one individually crafted to your tastes, that we will share as a meal.
Bring a beverage of your choice.
Session is limited to 10 participants age 21 and over.

Saturday, February 11, 3:00

Craft an Anglican Rosary:  Fran Burkett
Sorry, this session is full.
Rosaries have been used for over 800 years.  A rosary, or set of prayer beads, is a tool to help you in your personal prayer time.  In this session, you will learn the general history of rosaries, see some examples of various types, and learn some approaches to using rosaries in prayer.  (There is not just one!)  Then you will craft one of your own to take home.  You will choose your colors and make it personal to you.
Session is limited to 8 participants.
Cost of materials: $10

Sunday, February 12, 3:00

Artisan Pizza: Don Smith
Sorry, this session is full.
Don Smith, Johnson & Wales trained amateur chef, teaches artisan pizza making techniques and sends you home with recipes and enough dough for 5 pizzas.  This will be a hands-on experience.  You will learn how to make the dough, make a tomato sauce including spices, and how to spread your dough and bake it to produce a pizza that rivals restaurants.  Bonus: you eat pizza during class!  If you’d like, bring a beverage to accompany your pizza dinner.
Cost for materials:  $7 in addition to registration.  
BRING THE LARGEST MIXING BOWL YOU HAVE.  You’ll make the dough and take it home in this bowl.  Plastic wrap to cover is provided.
Session is limited to 10 participants age 21 and over.

Composting: Bill Oros
Do the “ROT” Thing
Learn about the basics of composting by attending this hour-long presentation by a certified Master Composter.  The program will cover a variety of topics, including types of composting, setting up a home composting program, and the do’s and don’ts of composting. Take-homes will include an information material packet  and one free compost tea bag. We are pleased to welcome Mr. Bill Oros as a new presenter.

Monday, February 13, 6:30

The Future of Concord:  Mayor Bill Dusch
Mayor Bill Dusch will fill you in on the latest projects, successes, and challenges of growth in Concord.  Come hear about these areas of interest:
·      Economic Development and The Grounds at Concord (including Lilly, Red Bull, Rauch, Ball Aluminum, Golden Home)
·      Other new projects:  Kroger Automated Warehouse and NASCAR Production Center
·      Parks projects in coming years due to passage of bonds
·      Challenges of sewer capacity
·      Transportation
·      Major downtown projects including Streetscape, apartments, centers and plazas
·      Recycling

Cooking with 2 Gals
Sorry, this session is full.
Mary Niemeier, owner of 2 Gals Kitchen in Concord, teaches us to make two special treats:  San Diego Wrap and and 2 Gals’ signature Potato Salad.  You will be walked through the techniques of layering and rolling these full-flavored favorite wraps.  And you’ll create 2 Gals Awesome Potato Salad.  Then, of course, you will sit down together and enjoy your yummy creations.  Bring a beverage of your choice.
Session is limited to 10 participants age 21 and over