After Dark @ All Saints’ 2024

AFTER DARK @ ALL SAINTS’ EPISCOPAL CHURCH offers an opportunity to learn something new and interesting while helping raise needed funds for community organizations like Cooperative Christian Ministry, Community Free Clinic, battered women’s shelter and others. Most classes cost $20. There is an extra charge for materials in some classes that must be paid when you register, but you either take a project home or enjoy some wonderful food. Classes begin at 3:00 on Saturdays and Sundays, and 6:30 all other days (exceptions are noted). Sessions run approximately 90 minutes and the teachers are experts in their field. Youth registrations, where available, are at a reduced rate.

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Friday, February 16, 6:30

Digital Photography Basics
Joy Marie de Block

Do you own a digital SLR or mirrorless camera and you’re not sure how to fully utilize the camera’s functionality?  Then join professional photographer and photography instructor Joy Marie DeBlock for a 90-minute photography basics class!  We’ll review common camera features and controls, proper camera handling technique, then dive into the three basic components of photography – aperture, shutter speed and ISO and how changing these settings can change the look of your images. 
Bring your digital SLR or mirrorless camera with a memory card and fully charged battery. Class handouts will be provided. 

Enneagram Explained
Julie Wagner
Want to unlock more compassion for yourself and others?  Want to understand how your greatest strengths are on a continuum with your shadow?  
The popular and ancient Enneagram system is used across multiple disciplines but often hard to get into with independent study. Experts originally said it is an oral tradition and a student needs to hear the energy of the 9 numbers explained. Julie Wagner will humorously share stories conveying the energy of each of the 9 types and how they view the world through 9 different lenses.  
We will explore the easiest and hardest way to access Enneagram understanding by deeply exploring the only 2 questions you need to answer to identify which of the 9 numbers resonates most deeply with you. Begin taking off your Enneagram mask and connect more deeply to your true self and with others with this engaging and lively exploration! 
Session is limited to participants age 16 and over.

Stained Glass Crafting
Brad Fisher

Sorry, this session is full.
Stained glass artwork has been around for over 1,000 years.  Here is your chance to try your hand at the historic practice.  In this class you will learn about the basic tools, materials, and techniques for creating stained glass projects.  You will have an opportunity to practice glass-cutting and soldering.  Finally, you will assemble a simple stained glass-project from pre-cut glass pieces to take home.
Session is limited to 8 participants.
Cost of materials $10.00 in addition to registration.

Saturday, February 17, 3:00

Artisan Pizza
Don Smith
Sorry, this class is full.
Don Smith, Johnson & Wales trained amateur chef, teaches artisan pizza making techniques and sends you home with recipes and enough dough for 5 pizzas.  This will be a hands-on experience.  You will learn how to make the dough, make a tomato sauce including spices, and how to spread your dough and bake it to produce a pizza that rivals restaurants.  Bonus: you eat pizza during class!  If you’d like, bring a beverage to accompany your pizza dinner.
BRING THE LARGEST MIXING BOWL YOU HAVE. You’ll make the dough and take it home in this bowl.  Plastic wrap to cover is provided.
Session is limited to 10 participants age 21 and over.
Cost for materials:  $7 in addition to registration.  

Elections:  Ask Me Anything
Martin Ericson
You go to the polls to cast your vote on Election Day, during Early Voting, or you mail in your ballot. How are elections set up? How does your vote get counted? How do you know your vote is secure and you can trust in the results? What new laws and rules are in effect?  And who are those people who work at the polls or behind the scenes? Martin Ericson, a member of the Cabarrus County Board of Elections since 2017 (and an election worker before that) will answer these questions and any others you may pose. (If he doesn’t know, he will find out and get back with you!)

Sunday, February 18, 3:00

The Great Wagon Road
Sean Szakal
Does your family have roots in this area?  How did they get here?  How was the Concord area developed?  When did the first European settlers come to Concord?  If these questions pique your interest, join us as we dive into the settlement and development of the first backcountry road that brought settlers to the region.  Following pathways established by Native Americans, early settlers created the Great Wagon Road. In this session, history teacher Sean Szakal will lead us as we discuss and speculate the route that the road actually took.  As a group we will explore clues and research, along with your individual knowledge, to hypothesize about the roots of the road that developed the southern Piedmont of North Carolina.  You are welcome, but not required, to bring your laptop.

Love and Laughter in the Hebrew Bible
Dr. Barbara Thiede
Love and laughter of all kinds are found in the rich and intriguing texts of the Hebrew Bible. We will begin by reviewing the challenges of reading ancient biblical texts — challenges that often reveal sophisticated wordplay or multiple interpretations of what might seem a simple text. Then, we will explore narratives that describe tender love as well as earthier expressions of human affection. And finally, we will look at biblical humor – humor that ranges from the bawdy to the outright silly, from dark comedy to simple, lighthearted moments. At times, the deity seems like a bit of a jester in his own right and at others, it is human beings who are working the laugh track. Bring your romantic hearts (and some giggles).
Session is limited to participants age 16 and over.

Monday, February 19, 6:30

Poker 101 and then some
Mike Wolford
One of the most fun classes from last year makes a return appearance!  Are you curious about the game of Poker?  It has grown in popularity around the world, both around the card table and online.  It has gained a place on ESPN and there is an ongoing debate about whether it is a sport and how legal it should be.  What are the basic elements of the game and how can you get experience playing?  What are some basic strategies to help you be a successful player?  Come and learn from World Series of Poker circuit veteran Mike Wolford as he introduces you to the intriguing world of Poker.  If you are already comfortable with the game’s basics, come and learn some advanced techniques to help you boost your game.
Session is limited to 8 participants age 21 and over.

ABRACADABRA – The Art of Magic and Illusion
Guy Antonides aka “Magnifico “
Magnifico the Magician will share his magic origins and discuss those of the Art of Magic.
This class will consist of some fun magic trick demonstrations as well as some hands-on magic
tricks.  You will learn some fun tricks to take home to impress friends and family. Magnifico has been practicing magic and illusions since he was 15 years old and hopes participants will take home an enjoyable understanding of this unique hobby. Tricks will include the Magic Milk Pitcher, Multiplying Magic Tomatoes, Dots Incredible, Eat Your Vegetables, and other fun card tricks, just to name a few.  Participants please wear pants/sacks with pockets and a light jacket or vest if possible.  (Ooh, intriguing!)
Session is limited to 12 participants age 10 and up
Cost for materials: $5 in addition to registration.

Children’s Books: Language Nutrition for the Young and Old
Dr. Ralf Thiede
We all love pictures of older folks reading to children, holding them close, laughing and giggling and enjoying the stories they share. But this activity is about more than it seems: Reading together provides provable and important health benefits for older folk and younger folk alike. It feeds and nourishes brain development in children and helps prevent mental decline in seniors. It’s a win-win for both populations. In this session, we will see exactly how this works, relying on delightful and interactive children’s books for our examples.  You will leave with a fresh appreciation for the joy and benefits of reading together.  And perhaps some ideas of specific titles that you will want to add to your reading experience.
Tuesday, February 20, 6:30

Uke Can Play!
Brian Sullivan
Have you always wanted to try your hand at playing the ukulele? It’s easier than you think! Join Brian Sullivan, Director of Performing Arts with the Cabarrus Arts Council, for an evening of Ukulele fun. Whether you’re a seasoned strummer or someone who has never touched an instrument before, Brian has developed an approach that makes room for everyone to be successful. We’ll learn a few simple chords and before long we’ll be playing and singing familiar songs together. Brian will bring 20 ukuleles to share, or you can bring your own. Let’s jam!
Session limited to 20 participants age 7 and up.

The Future of Concord
Mayor Bill Dusch
Mayor Bill Dusch will fill you in on the latest projects, successes, and challenges of growth in Concord.  Come hear about these areas of interest:
*Downtown projects, especially the Streetscape
*Economic Development and The Grounds at Concord (including Lilly, Red Bull, Rauch, Ball Aluminum, Golden Home)
*Other new projects:  Kroger Automated Warehouse and NASCAR Production Center
*Parks projects in coming years due to passage of bonds
*Challenges of sewer capacity

Cooking with 2 Gals
Sorry, this class is full.
Mary Niemeier, owner of 2 Gals Kitchen in Concord, will bring us another session featuring some favorites from the 2 Gals menu.  In a hands-on kitchen session, everyone will create Rocky Point Wrap and Bow Tie Pasta.  Then, of course, you will sit down together and enjoy your yummy creations.  Bring a beverage of your choice.
Session is limited to 10 participants, age 21 and up.

Wednesday, February 21, Varying times

44 Mills
Cooking with Chef Brandon 6:30
Sorry, this class is full.
Join Chef Brandon Utley in the kitchen as he shares one of his favorite dishes. We will be preparing chicken parmesan and eggplant parmesan vegetarian option with a homemade tomato sauce and pasta. Then everyone will sit down to a meal together to enjoy the fruits of your work! Bring a beverage of your choice. Session is limited to 10 participants, age 21 and up.

More Than Baseball: Kannapolis Cannon Ballers
Matt Millward, General Manager 4:00
Join us for a hands-on and interactive session with the Kannapolis Cannon Ballers at Atrium Health Ballpark. The session will feature a tour of the ballpark along with a discussion amongst key staff of the organization. Learn everything from how the team keeps their playing field in pristine condition to what decisions are made to ensure fans HAVE A BLAST at each Cannon Ballers home game. In addition to all of the excitement behind the scenes, attendees will also have the chance to test their skills and take a few swings in the batting cages!  Bring your questions, bring your inner slugger, and be ready for a great time!
Meet at the ballpark.  Session begins at 4:00.
Carpooling is encouraged.

Thursday, February 22, 6:30
The Future of Kannapolis:  Mayor Darrell Hinnant
The City of Kannapolis is well underway on a visionary plan to revitalize the heart of the community – the Downtown. Following extensive research, analysis and public input, the City determined that anchor projects could bring significant numbers of people into town, both to visit and to live. The former Mill Village is now a lively, thriving area.
In addition to the N.C. Research Campus, Kannapolis boasts three anchors: a unique streetscape, a sports and entertainment venue, and a mixed use development.
What is next?  Kannapolis may, Darrell Hinnant, will tell us about where the city will go from here.

Renew the joy of correspondence!
Tiffany Fulton
In this session you will have all the fun and creativity of creating your own cards! There will be multiple designs to use as models, or you can stretch your creative muscle by designing your own. Each registrant will have a variety of modalities from which to choose and use, including paper layering, rubber stamping, foil-etching, and embossing.
This class is great for beginners or seasoned card-makers, and is recommended for all ages. Supplies will provided. Cost of materials $5 in addition to registration.

Personal Safety for Women

Alan Glickman
  Safety, not self-defense.  You don’t have to be a martial artist to keep yourself safe.
*Situational Awareness 360
*Distance Techniques
*Conflict Avoidance
*Determine Your “Fight or Flight” survival strategy
Join Alan Glickman for a unique and straightforward talk about your personal safety.  He will address situational awareness and safety techniques for all situations.  Bring your questions and concerns about your safety while working, traveling, at home day or night.  A quick review of Situational Awareness Techniques & Conflict Avoidance Strategies. “Run-Hide-Fight” is not enough for your every scenario or concern.  No Guns – No Fighting – No Weapons. Support confidence in your safety. Be Empowered!
Session limited to women ages 16 and up.

Friday, February 23, 6:30

Dr. Christopher Rey
Barber-Scotia has been a part of Concord since the school’s founding in 1867. The school has evolved from a preparatory school for young, newly freed African American women to a private 4-year college. Hear from its new president, Chris Rey, about the exciting vision and plans to revitalize the college as it continues to foster the ideals of uplifting humankind through education.

Pairing Beer and Food
Cabarrus Brewing Company and Don Smith
 Sorry, this class is full.
Pairing beers with complementary foods is an emerging field.  Join Cabarrus Brewing co-owner  and our own Don and Alice Smith for a sampling of four widely different brews, each paired with just the right food.  The sampling will take you from appetizer through proteins to dessert, with enough food for a full meal.
 Session is limited to 18 participants age 21 and over.

Saturday, February 24, 3:00

Yes, You Can Travel Lighter!
Melissa Goodwin
Do you love to travel? Join Melissa Goodwin, a lifelong traveler, as she shares tips for traveling lighter and more nimbly. Learn how to travel for a week or a couple of months with only carry-on bags, even internationally. Yes, you can! There are many advantages for traveling this way, and she’ll describe their multi-continent journey to lighter travel. And she won’t just talk about it, you’ll see the actual items and suitcases she and Ken took on a recent 5-week trip to Italy and get their itemized packing lists. As a bonus, receive a list of travel apps and websites she’s used and hear some ways she stretches their travel budget.
Feel free to bring questions!

Learn to Paint with a Palette Knife
Bob Thompson
Sorry, this class is full.
  NOTE: Class begins at 1:00
We will have a hands-on class for anyone interested in learning  some basic techniques of palette knife painting.  Each participant will be provided with a 9 x 12 inch canvas, several tubes of acrylic paint and the palette knife. 
Bob Thompson, who taught the oil painting class last year, will demonstrate how to compose and block your canvas.   And with his guidance and encouragement it will be a fun class.
You’ll leave with a beautiful, finished landscape painting. He promises that it will be a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.  You will want to spend some time standing and stepping back to look at your work.
The session is limited to 8 participants, age 16 and over
The cost for materials is $15 in addition to registration.

Sunday, February 25, 3:00

Soils, Soil Testing, Facts and Myths!
Bill Oros
If you ever asked the questions: Why are my plants not doing well? What and how much fertilizer or lime to I need to apply to my lawn or garden? This short program on soils and how to successfully take, process and interpret a soil sample will be very helpful in making the best choices about your lawn and gardens. Participants will receive a free soil sample kit and instructions on how to collect soil samples, how and where to send the samples for testing, and how to interpret the results. Science-based research and myths about soil and gardening will be explored.

Cooking with Table 11
Bob VanAtta
Sorry, this session is full.
Join Chef Bob from Table 11 for a hands-on lesson featuring one of his favorite dishes! Table 11 is a family-owned restaurant that just marked 2 years in downtown Concord. Chef Bob believes that food has the power to bring people together and create lasting memories; he is passionate
about connecting with the community through cooking camps and collaborating with other local businesses.
Bring your favorite beverage to enjoy with the dinner you will create.
Session is limited to 10 participants age 21 and over