An Invitation to Shabbat

Shabbat is the ancient observance of a day of respite, peace, and holiness. This Saturday, November 5, the women at All Saints’ Episcopal Church and their friends are invited to a Holy Day, a gathering of women. This will be the first gathering of women since 2019. You are invited to register and to be present. It will be a time to reacquaint yourself with other women and to meet the new women in our parish. The pandemic has kept us isolated for way too long! It is now the time to come together as a community of intergenerational women.  

Gatherings of women are Biblical. Mary of Nazareth was loved and nurtured by Elizabeth, both witnessed miracles and walked in faith with God. They knew the joy of birth and the extreme grief of the loss of a child. They supported and loved each other. Mary and Martha of Bethany were faithful followers of Jesus and known for their hospitality to others. Mary Magdalene and other women held vigil under the cross of Jesus and were the first at the tomb to witness the resurrection. The first evangelists were women.

Like the women of the Bible, we care for others, walk in faith, pray, laugh, and cry. During times of joys and sadnesses we support each other as mothers, aunts, daughters, nieces, friends, and strangers. We know the power of love and care. 

All women are invited into a time of Shabbat. Women will enjoy fellowship, learning, singing, praying, sharing stories, and being quiet with each other and our Creator.

This will be a beautiful day. The Rev. Sarah Hollar will be our retreat leader. Jennifer Cook will lead us in music, and other women will provide for our food and beverage needs.

I invite you to a time of Shabbat: to be still, to be fed, and to be loved. Come and take care of yourself and be refueled. Lunch will be provided. The day will conclude with Eucharist.

Please register for the Women’s Retreat at All Saints’ here. Your registration assists us in providing everything you will need for the day.

Questions can be directed to Deacon Jackie by emailing or calling her at 704-796-2173.