How would you like to change someone’s life?

Need a little more joy and laughter and energy?

If you answered yes to one or both of those questions, consider yourself invited to join the team that is All Saints’ Family Ministry!

We have the opportunity, and in fact the responsibility, to share the love of Jesus with the youngest members of our congregation. In a world where safe places seem to be getting fewer and further between, All Saints’ is a refuge and a place of spiritual and relational nourishment.

I wonder what God is calling you, yes, you to do this year? There are lots of opportunities for people who are gifted in all sorts of ways. When I read the Bible, it seems to me that God is usually more interested in how willing His people are than how capable they think they are. Or, as Nate, one of my former bosses said to me during my interview process, “I’m looking for people whose heart is in the right place. We’ll teach you the skills you need, don’t worry about that!”

Sisters and brothers, let’s continue to be a people that is pro-child, pro-families (of all shapes and sizes!), pro-people, pro-love, pro-Gospel. What better way to demonstrate that than offer your time and energy to God this year and join this incredible ministry? You won’t be disappointed.

If you are feeling called to be part of all this, then please send me an email!

Grace and Peace be with you.