Coming soon parish wide!

Have you ever wanted to follow up with someone you just met at church, but you don’t have their phone number? Or ask a question of a vestry member, but can’t remember their email? Perhaps send a card to someone who is ill, but don’t know their address? Well, now you can with Realm!

Realm is a new app for your smartphone that enables you to quickly access church directory information, stay up to date on church events, and easily communicate within the various ministries here at All Saints’.  Realm replaces the current Church Life app.

How do you get it? It’s easy!

In the next couple weeks, you will be receiving an email with detailed instructions for accessing Realm and activating your account. 

We even have a Genius Bar!

Starting Sunday, May 28, the Realm launch team will be in the Parish Hall hosting a Realm “Genius Bar” to provide assistance with registration, downloads, and all your Realm questions! Please bring your phone and/or computer with you so that they will be able to walk you through. 

A note about security

Just a note – the security of your personal information is very important to you and to your church. Realm allows you to personally control what contact information appears in the directory. Contact information is never public or searchable on the Internet. Any information you elect to make visible to your church family is always protected behind a login available only to church members in Realm. All of the church members in the previous directory are being included in the new directory. If you choose, you can take your name out of the directory (“opt out”).

Watch your email for your Realm invitation and instructions!