COVID-19 Policy Updates

Effective March 13, 2022

With falling numbers of infections and hospitalizations, we are thankful to be entering into a new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Accordingly, under the guidance of our bishops and in view of our local circumstances, we are updating our pandemic safety protocols as outlined below. 


All Saints’ will be “mask optional” for worship services, starting Sunday, March 13, 2022. For vaccinated people, masks will be optional in most settings at All Saints’, including while singing, gathering for fellowship, and/or attending church ministry meetings. Communion in both kinds (bread and wine) will be offered at the altar rail in the Church and from stations in the Parish Hall. We will return to passing the offering plates in all services.

Masks continue to be required for children under five years old and those attending children’s Sunday School.

We know that there are many in our community who are immunocompromised or have concerns about children or family members. Masks are an effective tool and absolutely encouraged for those who choose to wear them. Please note that unvaccinated people are still required to wear masks and maintain physical distance at all times while indoors at All Saints’.

Meetings, Gatherings and Visits to All Saints’

All gatherings – small and large groups – will be mask-optional. Food service is now permitted. Beverages (coffee, tea, etc.) between and after services will return as we have parishioners to support this ministry.

Church Office

In church office spaces, we ask that parishioners respect any masking requests made by individual staff members. Signs will be posted on office doors as needed. 

Lockhart Child Development Center

Mask requirements will remain in place at Lockhart Child Development Center, following guidance and best practices for childcare centers. LCDC Staff will continue to communicate directly with families regarding updates to their COVID-19 policies and protocols in accordance with church and diocesan leadership, local health guidance, and in accordance with the North Carolina Toolkit for child development centers.

Community Health

We will no longer require “sign-in” for contact tracing purposes. 

If you experience any symptoms of contagious illness, please refrain from attending worship or other activities in person. Worship services and many other programs are offered online on Facebook or YouTube or via Zoom. 

As we have learned again and again over the past two years, protecting the health and safety of others is one way we love our neighbor. Just as we have adapted to evolving realities throughout this pandemic, the above measures may be subject to revision if circumstances and/or guidance change. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Rev. Nancy Cox at 704-782-2024.