Follow me

And Jesus said to Peter and Andrew, “Follow me”…immediately they left their nets and followed him. He called to James and John mending their nets. Immediately they left their boat and their father and followed Him.

Matthew 4: 19-22

“Follow me.” The words echo in my head, and then the questions come, and I then ponder the Holy Word. In the fragility of my own brokedness, I hear the call, “ Follow me!”

The questions that come are: What does it mean to follow Jesus? Is this a walk in faith? And where is the road map? Do I realize I’m going to Golgotha? What is it about our Lord Incarnate who invites me into the walk with him that is so frightening and so joyful?

The early disciples dropped everything they were doing, walked away from what they knew and they followed Jesus. They witnessed his miracles, they listened to his parables, they prayed with him, they called him the Messiah, yet they ran away during the trial and crucifixion. Then together, after Christ’s death and resurrection, filled with the Holy Spirit, they united. They walked the ancient world, in twos, spreading the Gospel. They shared with the world the love of Christ and the promise of salvation. They witnessed the beautiful transformation in their lives through knowing the love of Jesus.

Our mission statement is “To be a church of disciples making disciples for Jesus.” We are called to let go of what we know and follow him! We follow in love and walk the way of love into the world. We are set free to serve. We are changed and transformed in the walk with our Triune God. The stories of the disciples is a story of faith, walking with Christ in love on a journey with no road map, just love.

Are you ready to listen to the words, to let go, and “Follow me”?