Follow the saints

Advent is a season of prayer, meditation, and preparing the way. It is also a time of love, gratitude, and the sharing of our blessings with others (not that we don’t do that all year). We walk on the paths provided for us by saints and a cloud of witnesses.

“We are All Saints’” is the cry our community hears as we walk following the saints from long ago. And who are those saints?

Saint Martin, a brave soldier, cut his wool cape in half to cover a beggar during a snowstorm. We follow in his footsteps to offer coats and clothing for children supporting the Cabarrus Partnership for Children annual coat drive.

Saint Nicholas filled the stockings and shoes left by doorways with coins, food, and small toys. Following in his footsteps we support Toys for Tots, CCM, and other ministries that care for our brothers and sisters during challenging times.

St. Philomena is the saint of infants, children, and youth. Our child development center, youth activities and outreach walk with her and her love for children.

St. Jeanne Jugan established homes and care for the elderly. As we collect personal gift bags and offer pastoral care to our area nursing homes and elderly shut- ins, we embrace her ministry.

St. Martin de Porres is the saint of social justice and racial harmony and guides us on the path of racial equity, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

St. Frances and St. Clare lead us on paths of harmony and humility as we care for those who are in need by feeding the poor and providing clothing and housing. We follow in their footsteps as we serve at the Night Shelter and work to find solutions for affordable housing.

St. Stephen spent his life serving others. He is the patron saint of deacons and the Stephens Ministers, who walk beside others in their time of need

In the Flight into Egypt, Mary, Joseph, and Jesus left with little to seek safety. The Duffle Bags of Hope will be an opportunity to create a special bag for foster children who are suddenly removed from their homes without much to take with them.

As we follow the saints and live into our baptismal covenant, We Are All Saints’!

We follow the teachings of Jesus and walk the paths of the saints who came before us. We are spreading the good news of Christ’s love and light to the world.

May you know a blessed Advent.

Deacon Jackie+