Foyer Groups in the time of a pandemic

In order to expand our small group offerings, Alice Baxter has agreed to organize two different ways for people to gather.

  1. Zoom Foyer Groups – A social meeting of eight parishioners for approximately an hour through Zoom as a way to connect with fellow parishioners, who you may or may not know. These groups would meet regularly on a schedule they decide (perhaps monthly or every 2 weeks). To participate in this offering, you need to have a device with a camera, so everyone can see your smiling face.  A tablet or computer is ideal, with a phone you will have to “scroll” to see everyone. Alice will help groups with ice breakers and discussion themes to keep the conversation moving.
  2. Outdoor Foyer Groups – A social meeting similar to the prior Foyer groups but with many COVID differences. You would meet in groups of about eight IN PERSON, physical distance at least 6-feet apart, wear a mask (unless eating), bring your own chair, bring your own drink/snack/picnic dinner. You could have different hosts or meet in parks as your group decides. 

Please complete the form below to sign up and choose which group you prefer.

If signing up as a couple, please list additional person here.