Living Generously, Giving Abundantly

Dear Friends in Christ:

Wow!!! How in the world do you follow a capital campaign that has been as successful as “SET FREE TO SERVE”?

One way is to continue to acknowledge how blessed All Saints’ is by what we achieved during the campaign. It was nothing short of miraculous. We have been truly and richly blessed.

While the Stewardship Committee always has its work cut out for them, with now being no different, this year we’ll begin to see what “Set Free to Serve” looks like here at All Saints’.

An object in motion tends to stay in motion. We have that “momentum”; we have felt it. And we hope you’ve felt it too. Our on-going privilege is to keep stewardship informative, keep people engaged in the unfolding story of All Saints’, and experience the joy of doing so.

To achieve our 2019 mission, and to support ministry not only in our own congregation, but in the community beyond the walls of All Saints’, we are required to continue to grow the financial support for this ministry. For the first time in ten years, we have been set free to use more of our GENEROSITY to serve others, rather than having to shoulder the burden of an enormous mortgage payment.

Wonderful things can, and do, happen when we are LIVING GENEROUSLY.

Ragan Kearns, Stewardship Chair
Chris Charest, Senior Warden
The Reverend Nancy L. J. Cox, Rector


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Heart Talks

Missed one of those “Heart Talks” that everyone is talking about?  Well, each week’s is available below:

October 14: Mark Robinson

October 21: Chris Charest

October 28: Barbara Horne-Stead