Setting the holy table

On Saturday, August 6, the All Saints’ Altar Guild gathered in the nave of the church. It was a beautiful time to celebrate community, service, and the quiet and holy ministry of setting and cleaning the Holy Table. Brenda Trott and Jenny McCarthy, who co-chair the ministry, infused the time with laughter, joy, and an exercise of setting the Holy Table followed by a luncheon. The history and importance of the altar guild was reviewed, as well as welcoming new members and celebrating long-time members.

During the luncheon, Teka King shared her beautiful reflection of how the Holy Spirit touches her by participating in this ministry. 

There are many, many things that make me aware that the Holy Spirit is stirring in me. The one thing that really stirs the Holy Spirit in me is serving on the Altar Guild.

When I open the doors of our church on Team Three’s day to set the Lord’s table, I have one thing on my mind…I am going to serve our Father in heaven. I look around and listen to the silence. At that moment, I know the Holy Spirit is present, and there is peace that fills my being.

Our team members begin setting the table for Sunday services. The fair linen, as well as corporals and purificators, have been carefully laundered and pressed. Some linen is old, some has been mended and used for many years. I think of the hands that have touched the linens over the years. I remember those who have touched these linens and are no longer with us. The crystal and silver pieces that hold the wine, bread, and water are also old. Some are engraved with the names of members, who are now only memories. Again I remember all those who have come to this table and drank from this cup, and I pray for those who are to come.

The value of the Altar Guild ministry for me is the closeness I feel to Jesus as I set His Table. The Holy Spirit fills me with His peace and I think… 

Yes, Lord, I feel you in this place….

Yes, Lord, I feel you deep in my soul.

I am thankful to be part of the Altar Guild ministry, which is a holy and fulfilling ministry. The ministry includes men and women. You are invited to come and join us and receive the blessing of serving our Lord in the setting of his table.

-Teka King

The quiet and reverent ministry of the altar guild welcomes each of us to Sunday service as well as special services on Holy Days and the special occasions of baptisms, weddings, confirmations, ordinations, and funerals.  The ministry is surrounded in prayer, the communion of Saints, the cloud of witnesses, and our Triune God.

The clergy and all who attend services or watch online are very grateful for the faithful ministry of the All Saints’ Altar Guild. 

If you are interested in learning more about this wonderful ministry,  please contact Brenda Trott.

All are welcome. 

Deacon Jackie