Shining the light of Jesus

Epiphany: an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure. Epiphany is both a day, the day we remember the visit of the magi or wise men, who suddenly realized that this humble child held the key to all they have been searching for, and a season. The season of Epiphany, or more properly (though rarely said this way) the season after the Epiphany, is a time when we hear first the stories of what the birth of Jesus, the Incarnation, has made possible, before turning to the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus’ largest body of teaching. 

Just after experiencing the glory of the birth of Jesus at Christmas, we are led into his most prominent teaching. While we are still excited about the miracle of the Son of Man, we are called to remember just why He is one who will lead us through what we will face in this life. Build your city on the hill…, let your light shine…, don’t lose your saltiness…, blessed are the peacemakers…

These are the lessons on which we build our faith; they form the root of our belief. These core principles guide us in our ministry and give the Church its purpose: to create God’s reign, God’s dream, and God’s beloved community here on Earth. 

As we explore the manifestation of Jesus to the world, shining our light on a dark world, we ground ourselves in these essential teachings. We are called to share the love and the witness of God’s salvation, so abundantly offered to us, with our neighbors and our world as we walk our own path in the ancient teachings of the One born to save us.