The splendor of holiness

Worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness.

Psalm 96:9

Worship is the central act of the Christian community. We gather together to hear again the great Story, to lift our voices in song and prayer, and to share the Eucharist. Our worship forms us into an ever closer likeness of Christ, and strengthens us for our work in the world.

When thinking of “worship leaders,” what comes to mind? If you’re a cradle Episcopalian, perhaps a priest in a chasuble holding either a well-worn prayer book or a chalice (or both!). If you’ve been part of an evangelical or non-denominational church, “worship leader” might have evoked an image of a youngish guy or gal in ripped skinny jeans playing a guitar. Both of these are excellent examples of worship leaders.

At All Saints’, we have another group of people who lead worship: our acolytes. They literally lead all of our processions. They lead by helping to prepare the Table for the Eucharist. They are highly visible participants in our singing and praying. In short, our acolytes are crucially important. If we believe worship does everything I wrote about above, how vital is the ministry of those who serve at God’s altar!

If you would like to join a team of acolytes, please come to one of our trainings held next week on September 1 and September 7. Come see if this ministry might be something God has placed on your heart. And, remember, in most of Christian history, acolytes were adults! There is no upper age limit! 

Contact Rev. Michael if you’re interested!