The truth will set you free

You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

John 8:32

Our bishops have introduced an initiative to pastorally address the reality of sexual abuse, harassment and misconduct in the Church. This follows actions taken by the national Episcopal Church in General Convention 2018 in which the Presiding Bishop opened time for convention to hear from those who had experienced pain at the hands of those called to serve and guide on the journey of faith. 

As our bishops rightly observe, when one part of the Body of Christ is wounded, all of the Body is left hurting. We all are hurt when there is misconduct of trusted leaders. We are blessed by healing. 

The bishops have directed the Pastoral Response Team of the diocese to lead a process this spring culminating in a liturgy of repentance and forgiveness on May 2, 2020. There will be confidential listening circles, both with and without the bishops present. The bishops also invite those who have been affected to write letters to the bishops and they promise to respond as it appropriate. 

As Christians we are called to name the reality of sin, call for repentance and offer forgiveness. The cross is our witness to the power of this work. It is not easy, but I believe and I have found it to be true that it offers life, freedom and redemption. Your clergy at All Saints’ are ready to talk with any of you about your concerns.

In Christ, Nancy+

More information can be found here.