Treasurer’s Report as of September 2019

As of September, receipts totaled $524,060.26, slightly higher than Budget. 

As of September, expenses totaled $545,257.27, lower than Budget by $8,555.14 or 1.5%. The spending levels of the Rector, Assistant Rector, Property Maintenance, Christian Education and Music departments were below Budget. Strong controls remain in place over spending.

As you remember, All Saints’ has a deficit budget for 2019. September year to date deficit is $21,197.00, $9,423 less than the expected deficit of $30,620 at this point in the year. 

All Saints’ Investment in Ministry Growth, far exceed the savings realized in loan payments when the loan was paid off. A big thank you is extended to our Parishioners who have already paid off their 2019 Full Year Pledged Commitments! Another big thank you also to our parishioners for fulfilling their pledge commitments on a timely basis. Please continue to fulfill your Pledge offering commitments on a timely basis. It helps our wonderful church meet its financial obligations and its key Mission and Ministry Goals of growth in Christ and Outreach Extensions.

The Capital Campaign launched in the spring of 2018 continues its remarkable success. Our parishioners continue to meet their three year Capital Campaign Pledge Commitments. Since the loan was paid off, Capital Campaign Donations received a total of $167,326.00. 100% of these funds are being deposited in All Saints’ Capital Maintenance Reserve Bank Account and an interest bearing Money Market Bank Account.  These funds are restricted for major property upgrades and replacements. $28,000 of these funds paid for the replacement of the roof over the educational wing of the building. Other planned major projects that current and future Capital Campaign Donations will help fund are deferred maintenance to the exterior of the buildings and repaving of parking lots.

 As of September 30th, Capital Campaign Receipts totaled $1,869,156. This amount represents 82% of total Pledge commitments. A big THANK YOU to our Parishioners for all their donations. All Saints’ is now “Set Free to Grow!”

Please contact Gil Small, Treasurer or Tom Dillard, Chairman of our Finance Committee with any questions about the finances of our church. The Finance Committee meets regularly on the 2nd Tuesday of every month and those meetings are open.