Treasuring gifts

When I moved into a new home several years ago, my lawnmower didn’t like the change of scenery and refused to start. Hearing my repeated pulling brought my new neighbor over. I was so frustrated. He checked the gas, adjusted the choke, changed the spark plug, and nothing worked. He left and returned with a can of carburetor cleaner, and it started right up. I was so grateful for his help. “What do I owe you?” I asked. “I don’t want anything for helping you,” he declared. “Keep the carburetor cleaner, I have plenty, and you will likely need it!” he laughed. Every time he saw me mowing that summer he cheered. And he cheered even louder when I got a new mower!

We all know times when help is offered out of a desire for acknowledgement or with strings attached. We also know those times when we give without expectations. We respond to the needs placed before us.

When we share the gift of being human beings together, especially in difficult moments, we slip into an awareness of abundance. We know generosity – goodness given and received. In sharing the treasure of our gifts, we become even more gifted. Our heart treasure expands. We seek no recognition yet are rewarded in surprising ways. Our hearts feel full.

Making an annual financial commitment to a congregation is like helping a neighbor in need. It gets ministry moving. Offering our treasure and our hearts creates the type of world we want to inhabit – a world where strangers collaborate and laugh together during a frustrating experience, sharing every good gift along the way, and making a difference.


Are you a person who easily receives gratitude or compliments from others, or do they make you feel shy? When have you been offered assistance in a time of need?