Voter Education

In an effort to help voters stay informed of their options during this time of pandemic, Martin Ericson, from the Cabarrus County Board of Elections, provides us with several informative videos.

You’ll also find other useful documents and resources below.

Late Breaking News: The NC State Board of Elections adopted the proposed Majority Plan. Under this plan, Cabarrus County will have early voting all 17 days, from Thursday, October 15, through Saturday, October 31st. There will be a total of three Saturdays and two Sundays.



Check your registration with Voter Lookup Tool

  • or
  • using Vote>Voter Tools>Voter Lookup Tool dropdown
    Lists registration status, Election Day polling place, sample ballot (once assigned), voting history, jurisdictions

Phone numbers, email, and forms

Board of Elections

Cabarrus County: 704.920.2860,

Rowan County: 704.516.8140

Mecklenburg County: 704.336.2133