Welcome Home

“Hello Nancy, welcome home,” Joanne Vance graciously greeted me Monday morning before enthusiastically hugging me. Joanne was filling in for Katie Adams, who volunteers at the Welcome Center (in addition to working with our nursery). The welcome desk volunteers literally keep the doors open at All Saints’, making it possible for people to access the church to pray and keeping those inside, especially our children, safe. 

On my Camino pilgrimage, most of the churches I encountered were locked. Some were open but unattended, giving a vacant empty feeling that did not generally call me to stay and pray. How different it was to be welcomed in those places were volunteers waited, eager to share what they knew of the sacred place they tended and to offer a word of blessing to the weary pilgrim. Each time I met one of those volunteers, I gave thanks to God for them and their ministry, and thanked God for those at All Saints’ who did this work as well. 

On Monday, after Joanne and I spoke, I headed to the office. Throughout the day the copier whirred, strains of music came from the Nave balcony, the doorbell chimed and the phone rang. At one o’clock, Joanne headed home and Frank Torrey arrived for his shift. People came and went and I was reminded of how blessed we are by the team of parishioners who ensure that those who call or visit this church are welcomed as Christ himself.

Thank you to our current Welcome Center volunteers:

  • Katie Adams
  • De Torrey
  • Frank Torrey
  • Fannie Dillard
  • Suzy Riley
  • Jo Erickson

And Welcome Center substitutes:

  • Pay Wydra
  • Joanne Vance
  • Bill Harris
  • Pat Black
  • Catherine Ackiss
  • Garen Livingston

If you would like to join this ministry, please contact Markeisha Weaks, Parish Administrator, for more information. Training is provided and gratitude is extensive!