What is All Saints’ Day?

A) A major festival of the Christian Church
B) An annual celebration of All Saints’, Concord
C) The Sunday All Saints’, Concord receives pledge cards for 2020
D) All of the above.

The answer is—D  All the above

A) All Saints’ Day is a major festival of the Church. Set on November 1st it is “transferred” to the following Sunday when the 1st is not a Sunday. All Saints’ Day is a time to remember our connection to the great cloud of witness who have go before us, to be inspired by their lives and to recommit ourselves to the work of doing the will of God on Earth. Traditionally, it was reserved for those inspiring figures recognized across the Church. The faithfulness of all Christians who had died was celebrated on the following day, All Souls’ Day, November 2nd. Today, it is more common to celebrate all those who have been baptized in the name of Christ thereby joining the inheritance of the saints in light (Col 1:12b). 

B) All Saints’ Day is an annual celebration of All Saints’ Concord. Many churches are named for particular saints and celebrate their patronal (patron saint) festival on the day appointed for that saint. For example, St. Andrew’s Day is November 30th,  St. Thomas Day is December 21st. At All Saints’ Concord, we celebrate our festival anniversary on All Saints’ Day. We remind ourselves of the stories of those who have helped shape this congregation in particular ways through their life and ministry, especially those who have died in the past year.  This year as we mark the 50th anniversary of the combined congregations we are reminded we stand on the shoulders of giants and lay stones for others to follow. We have so much to be thankful for and celebrate as we have been set free to serve, grow and shine!

C) All Saints’ Sunday, November 3rd, 2019, concludes the fall stewardship season as parishioners are invited to place their pledge cards on the altar, symbolizing offering themselves to God and a portion of their time, talent and financial resources to God’s mission through All Saints’, Concord. These pledge cards, or “estimates of giving,” help the leadership make spending plans for mission and ministry in 2020, giving direction to how we will live out being the people of Christ in this place and at this time. 

D) All of the above are true! You are invited to join the celebration!

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