What is happening now?

Set Free to Serve, Set Free to Grow…so, what is happening now?

Paying off the mortgage has set All Saints’ free from debt. Now we are turning our attention to expanding the mission and ministry of the church. 

Set Free to Serve: New service opportunities include a Habitat Build Day May 18—we will be framing the house, contact Don Foskey for details. 

Plans are underway for I Love My City service project with our partner school,  Forrest Park Elementary School. Charles McKinley is working on the details. 

Set Free to Grow: Each of our ministries is vital to building up the Kingdom of God and its local expression at All Saints’. The top two charges from the consultant were:

“Simplify,” to free up energy for new steps, and 

“Get out of the Castle,” take our meetings and events beyond the church walls.

A new team, nicknamed the Vitality Team (David Baxter, Chris Charest, Rebecca Bahn and Debby Smith), has been meeting weekly to help coordinate, advise the vestry and maintain a broad look at ministry of this parish. The team quickly observed that simplify both means ask questions about why we do what we do, as well as to how we do what we do—do we make it simple for people to join in ministry? They will be meeting with ministry leaders to help them think intentionally about these two questions.

One thing that we will try out immediately is simplifying announcements. The Communications Team is creating “Where do I find information?” card and will also look at our announcement bulletin. Verbal announcements in church will focus on welcome. 

Thoughts or ideas? Charles McKinley, your Senior Warden, is looking forward to hearing from you. 

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