While digging in the garden

While digging in the flower bed, to rid the garden of a very aggressive or highly social plant, I found myself frustrated and a bit overwhelmed. The isolation of physical distancing in this pandemic and the seemingly hopeless chaos that I felt was suddenly overcome by what seemed to be a celestial message. 

As I held a beautifully formed white bulb in my hand, I noticed at the base of the bulb tiny pearl-like seeds. I gazed upon the newly turned soil, and there scattered were multiple tiny seeds. As I held the bulb, it was as if I held a symbol of the church and the love of the triune God. All the pearls symbolized God’s people, the believers in Jesus, ready to burst out into the world and spread the good news…the news of salvation and forgiveness, love, and hope. 

In a blink of an eye, my day of drudgery digging up a flower bed became a beautiful theological reflection of God’s majesty and creativity. I reflected on the early Christians, who after the crucifixion, were so afraid. They hid, then slowly began to resurface. They realized that the risen Lord was the same Jesus they had walked beside.  The early Christians began to spread the good news in what may be called “home churches” during a period of great oppression.  The message of Jesus’s love shed light and hope into their lives. Christianity spread.

That little bulb was a symbol of light in my day and reminded me of something far greater than the world I was experiencing.  There was a sense of God, a sense of gratefulness, that reminded me of the beauty and wonder all around me.

The bulb and its unique construction was a gift of love. By the end of the day, I forgot about the drudgery of digging up a flower bed. In its place was the joy and light of Christ. We remember that the Church holds us together in love then sends us out, however we are able, to spread the love of Christ. We are the tiny seeds, spread across the earth, to bring the love of Christ to all.

So, on this day, open your hearts that you may see the love of Christ in all things.