You are not alone

Who would you call if __________________?

This question has become more pertinent in the current context but is an important one for all of us to consider. With the current emphasis on physical distancing, it is important to remind ourselves of our connections. 

I first became aware of the health implications of social resources when I led the Lenten series looking at why life expectancy has been falling in the US relative to other countries in the world. Currently, we have the lowest life expectancy among large developed countries and actually rank behind countries with far fewer economic resources. One factor is isolation. 

Social resources are not an area we commonly think about. But they are an important component of health. Knowing who we can call on helps lower stress. A local ministry association made me aware of “podmapping,” which is a visual way to identify the resources we have as well as those people who might become resources if we took steps to strengthen our relationship with them. Click here for a video explaining this simple exercise and click here for your own podmapping worksheet. 

While we cannot gather in person, your church is an important resource that continues to reach out and connect through this time. Call someone today and help strengthen the bonds that unite us. 

Blessings, Nancy

Source: Resources for Building Personal and Community Resiliency curated by MeckMin, April 10, 2020