ZOOM and the Parish Gathering

Please note: this Zoom Parish Gathering has been moved to Sunday, March 14, 10 AM

It sounds like the title of a book, doesn’t it?  ZOOM is the main character. An Internet Poppit coasting on the airwaves, it comes in and out of our computer lives freezing our computers, distorting our voices, and messing with our ability to share our screens.  Mostly though, it is kind and loving, and allows us to see the faces of our friends who for so long have been hidden by this pandemic. In the end, ZOOM has been a life giver, a light in the darkness.

When we open the book, we see that ZOOM has decided to have a Parish Gathering! He gathers all of his most loved friends to join him in an exhilarating morning of joy and information, love and hope, discussion and planning.  As the story unfolds, friends are seen laughing, waving hello to each other, and having sidebar chats!  At the end of the story, as his friends leave one by one with promises to catch up soon, our little ZOOM Poppit waits until all the faces disappear, then zooms off on the airways into the afternoon sunshine.

The back story is that we cannot meet in-person, as we typically would, for our Annual Meeting.  Instead, we will have a Parish Gathering on March 14th where we will meet via Zoom. You must register for the Gathering by clicking the button below. Once you register, Zoom information will be emailed to you.

The agenda will be a little different.  Because we cannot meet ‘in person,’ we also cannot vote for the 2021 Vestry, as there is no canon to support that, yet.  However, vestries can replace vacancies at any time.  Current terms will end on January 31st and vacancies will be filled in a special meeting of your Vestry on February 2nd

The basic structure of the gathering will be familiar. The 2021 budget will be presented by the Treasurer, others will speak, we may have break out groups to talk through your goals for 2021 – we’ll let you know as soon as we work out the details.

Please put that date on your calendars now and watch for future issues of Weekly Word where we will share more details.  

Until then, make sure you get your daily spiritual workout. Open the Bible. Read. Talk to God. It’s simple but such a powerful thing to do.

God’s love and peace be with you all,

Nancy Hunter
Sr. Warden