Prescription for Abundant Life

Thursdays at 7 PM in the Parish Hall

God wants us to live long and healthy lives! So what is in the way?
Why has life expectancy in the US gone from 1st in the world to 45th in the past 60 years.

March 8 – Addiction touches many lives, and shortens them.  Today, Cabarrus County leads NC in opioid overdose & death. What is behind the current opioid epidemic? What can we do? This session is led by Whitney Schwalm, Cabarrus Health Alliance

March 15 – On average, new immigrants have better health than native-born Americans, event though they are poorer. After living in the US for 5 years or more their health declines markedly.  How do strong social networks and hopefulness improve health?  This session is led by Delores Bain, Carolinas College of Health & Sciences

March 22 – Why is a zip code a good predictor of health?  How do neighborhood conditions indirectly impact on health by making healthy choices easy, difficult or impossible?  And what is happening in Cabarrus County?  This session is led by Marcella Been, Executive Director, Cabarrus Health Alliance