All Saints’ is the lighthouse

The cover of this year’s stewardship brochure is a painting created by Rebecca Jones, long-time All Saints’ acolyte and high school senior.  The design emerged from conversations we had this summer. For me, the tempestuous sea represents all of the upside down confused world we have been living through during the pandemic. In the midst of a tempest, waves come from many different directions, seemingly at once. The waves of the pandemic are layered with waves of racial unrest, waves of hurricanes, waves of living in isolation, waves of fear, waves of the unknown for what the future will bring. We are all on that sea and have been tossed to and fro, individually and as a community.

The light shining bright from the lighthouse is the light of Jesus Christ.  It’s what it’s all about.  Following Him every day in fellowship. The person in the boat “the keeper of the light” is striving to get back and tend the light to keep it going for others. As members of this congregation, we all are that person in the boat. The church, the Body of Christ, ensures the light of Christ continues to shine. 

For me, All Saints’ is the lighthouse, shining light into the confusion, concentrating attention on the needs for shelter and care and focusing relief efforts.  Keeping the light shining bright requires all of us coming together as one for a common goal.    

All Saints’ has adapted and will continue to do so.  The daily life of the church carries on. Making it to the other side of the pandemic requires all of our continued support for one another and the church. Our giving thus far has been very good and I thank each of you for your support of All Saints’ and its mission. You have given when it has not been easy to do so. In turn All Saints’ has given back to help our community through charitable giving, support of CCM, Community Free Clinic, CVAN, Meals on Wheels, Habitat projects, and other programs. You will find more detail in the stewardship brochure you received in the mail.

The sky represents hope. Storm clouds are low upon the horizon. The warm rays of the sun are breaking through as the storm is clearing. We all have hope and know through faith that this storm will pass. Storms come and go. Those who have gone before us endured many challenges. Our present situation will not be our last to weather. 

The lighthouse is built on a sure foundation, it will endure and continue to shine. I humbly ask you to join me in that little boat, make a pledge and “keep the light burning.” Please prayerfully consider how you can financially support God’s work in 2021. If you are able to roll your expiring Capital Campaign pledge into your 2021 pledge for All Saints’, I ask you to consider doing this. We will need all of our resources in 2021 to support All Saints’ mission and our community.

You can pledge by:

  1. Mailing in your pledge card in the envelope from your pledge packet.
  2. Online, by clicking here.
  3. Bring your pledge card to the 5 PM service on All Saints’ Day, Sunday, November 1, 2020. Remember to sign up online if you plan to attend this service.

In Christ,
Tom Jones, Stewardship Chairman