Joy Remains

Amid the chaos in the world right now, there is much joy at All Saints’ on Sunday mornings.

The education wing is a swirl of activity and joy.  Our elementary-age children have just finished a study on King David. They learned songs, made lyres, studied scripture and even learned how to use a sling shot. Not surprisingly, the smallest student actually was the one whose skills struck down Goliath. The children echoed these words, “God is in me and is with me and everything I need is provided for me through God.”  Wow! Our young people amazing!

All the opportunities for our children are made possible by a wonderful group of volunteers.  Our nursery staff comprised of Katie and Christina is dedicated and amazing. We temporarily added two staff members, so our older children were able to enjoy creative play in our preschool room.  This unfortunately was short lived when the new hire accepted a job as a preschool director.  Please assist us in finding a couple new staff members to increase our staff by sharing names and contacts with Deacon Jackie.

Take a look at what’s coming….

In the weeks ahead, our children will be participating in an interactive unit on Noah and Ezekiel as the youth prepare for the Passion play and study Moses and the Exodus.  

On Palm Sunday, our youth will present “The Passion of the Christ” during our Sunday worship. 

On Good Friday, the children are invited to participate in the Stations of the Cross.

New this year there will be an additional Easter Vigil for Families and Children led by our children and teens at 7:00 PM on Saturday, April 11. We kindle the new fire, read the word of God ,and in song and action bring the word into active worship in the stories of Noah, Ezekiel and Moses, all while remembering our baptism and share communion.

On Easter 2, Sunday, April 19 at 10 AM, we will have the traditional Easter Egg Hunt and an interactive reading of Benjamin’s Box.

During the season of Easter, the youth will lead us through intergenerational studies of human hope and faith. From the Holocaust, we learn about the Shalom Park and the Butterfly Project, reading and discussing the stories about the symbol of the butterfly. It is a story of hope and remembrance in the face of great despair. As well, our youth will participate in a 30 Hour Famine to honor Mothers.

Another youth-lead opportunity for our congregation will be the creation of fidget quilts for patients who are suffering from the affects of brain injuries or other illnesses such as Alzheimer’s.

After Pentecost, Sunday School-in-a-Bag with stand alone studies for each week during the summer will be offered.

Vacation Bible school will be offered the evening of July 29 through August 1.

We want you to be part of All Saints’ even while you are on vacation! We will have “Church-in-a-Bag” with Flat Jesus. Flat Jesus can be photographed while you travel and you can send a picture back to All Saints’ to be posted on Facebook. Your church family can enjoy your travels with you and Flat Jesus, reminding all of us that Jesus is always with us wherever we go.

There will certainly be more announcements to follow.  The children and youth are wise and have a beautiful understanding of the love of Jesus who abides in and cares for each of us.

We are grateful to a wonderful and dedicated group of faithful adults, which includes Chris Charest, Jonathan Hill, Al Bonneyman, Judith Boland, Kay Boland, and Fran Burkett.

Come join the fun and bless our children as they bless you!

+Deacon Jackie