Spirit of giving

Since the opening of Lockhart Child Development Center (LCDC), it has not been uncommon to hear the screams, both joyful and not-so-joyful, of children when walking through the Welcome Center. This may seem unpleasant to some, but it fills me with joy and reminds me of how God has blessed us beyond measure. I have had the absolute privilege of helping LCDC with child pickup in the afternoons. This has given me a chance to learn the names and personalities of the children who attend LCDC, as well as the chance to interact with their parents and make connections as a representative of our church. Working with these wonderful kids is a great joy only to be matched by the opportunity to work with the amazing staff of LCDC. Each member of the staff is patient, persistent, caring, loving, nurturing, and all around a beautiful person. 

We are so lucky to have an asset like LCDC, and each evening that I leave after helping with child pickup, I am reminded that working in childcare and child development, while very rewarding, is no easy task. In this season of Advent and in the spirit of giving, I’d like to continue to encourage folks to volunteer with LCDC in any way that they can. If working with kids isn’t your calling, perhaps you could sponsor a lunch for the staff, help with folding laundry, work in the kitchen, or assist with a variety of other tasks that don’t require direct contact with children. 

Our church strives to love like God loves. God has blessed us beyond measure by giving us Waynett and her fantastic staff who nurture, teach, and care for the minds and bodies of the children who are our future. How is God calling you to serve? 

To volunteer, please contact LCDC Executive Director Waynett Taylor.

Mayden McDaniel, Director of Youth and Family Ministries