Thank you


Thank you.

“Magic words” my mother called them, critical words for life together, for building the beloved community of God. 

We make requests from one another so that we can function together: 

  • Please turn off the lights and return the furniture to its original location when you are finished in a room;
  • Please respond to parish gathering invitations so that we can plan for food;
  • Please offer your gifts to lead and support our various ministry offerings. 

We also offer gratitude for the many ways the blessings of God are shared. Thank you for your individual “offerings” of work, wisdom, and wealth. Your offerings make our life together and ministry in the wider community possible. 

All Saints’ is a mighty forest comprised of ancient trees and sprightly saplings, each of us contributing from what God has given us to a world in need. We do this work metaphorically as generosity spreads and widens our root structures of faith and action. We also do it physically with our Creation Care ministry and Energy Saving Trees program. It is magical.

I spend a lot of time with individuals in ministry, the trees that make up the forest, tending to those who are hurting, working on the details, minding the thousands of decisions that are made that shape our lives together. I am also blessed to see the big picture, the forest, of our congregation: the gathering of community week after week to celebrate our faith and to praise God, how we draw strength from our shared sacred meal to offer ministry to our neighbors, showering the world with the love and grace we have come to know here. 

Thank you for the work, wisdom, and wealth you share. Thank you for setting the altar, for giving out food at CCM, for attending to our building, for teaching our children. Thank you for taking time with those who are lonely or ill. Thank you for sorting out the technology that makes so much of our communication possible. Thank you for the care and thought that goes into planning and preparation. Thank you for making calls, sending cards, reading with children, and so much more. 

Thank you.