Treasuring relationships

The past year has brought the importance of our relationships with one another to the forefront. In the time of pandemic, we have, as one person wrote, “infected and affected” one another. We have seen how physical separation has been hard on the cognitive functioning of our elders and the emotional development of our children. We know the cost of isolation on our own health and well-being. I am thankful for the treasure of parishioners who made a special effort during the pandemic to call members of our community and check in.

As Christians, we know that human beings were created in the image of God. The doctrine of the Trinity declares that the essence of God is relationship. Human beings were created for community, meant to share our lives with others.

Relationships help overcome our fears and reveal God’s love for us. Through our relationships with others, we hear God’s word and understand God’s call. In our Baptism, God comes to live in us, and we are included in the circle of relationship that is God. How many times has a chance conversation affirmed something you knew in your heart, or confirmed a difficult decision? God literally speaks through others.

Joining a small group is a great way to expand your circle of relationships and offer new pathways for God to speak in your life. Below is a list of small groups at All Saints’, including meeting times and contact person. Treasure awaits.



Small Groups at All Saints’

Meeting Tuesdays at 3 PM (Zoom) | Simon Peter – The Flawed but Faithful Disciple by Adam Hamilton | Contact: Charles McKinley

Meeting Wednesdays at 8 PM (Zoom) | The Cross and the Lynching Tree by James Cone | Contact: Chuck Collier

Men are meeting in-person Mondays at 7 PM | Love is the Way by Bishop Michael Curry | Contact: Ragan Kearns

Meeting Sundays at 7 PM (Zoom) | Next book into be announced soon | Contact: Debby Smith

The Men’s Group meets in-person on Saturdays at 8 AM | Starting a new book Autumn Leaves: A Collection of Scriptures, Meditations, and Prayers by Rev. Russell Levenson, Jr. | Contact: Mark Robinson

Think of a time when someone contacted you just at the right moment in friendship and love?
How did it change you?