Tree of Seasons

The Tree of Seasons is taken from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. It is a special white tree covered in White Doves and represents seasons in our spiritual life. We are now in a season of giving for reducing our church debt. As the body of Christ, once we are out from under this responsibility and burden we can offer so much more to our community. Part of our meeting this task is asking the Lord how we are to do this. God will show us how, if we ask.

The 3-D doves are a visual representation of personal prayers, praises, needs, desires and concerns that we are giving to Jesus. We have the personal relationship with Christ to do this, and He is waiting to receive them.

This beautiful tree will be displayed in the Welcome Center through May. There are doves and supplies for your use. Enjoy some meditative art time as you create a visual representation of YOUR particular prayer or praise as we all discern God’s will in our response to the Capital Campaign