What is stewardship?

As we enter the season of our annual giving campaign, I am honored to have the privilege to ask you for your help in supporting All Saints’. I hope this stewardship message finds you well and safe as we weather the hurricane that is the Coronavirus pandemic.

In this profound time of our history, I think a hurricane is an appropriate metaphor for what we are experiencing in our lives personally and in the life of our church. We continue to find that Jesus is the one who calms the storm.

Though the building may be closed, our church certainly is not. Together, we donated over one ton of canned goods to CCM this August which helped feed those who have been affected by COVID-19. Volunteers continue to act out their faith: working to distribute food, build Habitat houses, advocate for racial justice, and update our building to better serve children and the community in the future. Our online worship services reach hundreds of people. All this and more is pretty amazing given the storm that continues to blow – a testament that Jesus is working through each of you.   

What is stewardship? Stewardship is everything we do with everything we have when we say: “I believe.” It is a spiritual exercise in giving of time and money for what we believe in. Money matters to all of us. We must have it to live and thrive, and our church is no different. You, the people of All Saints’, have been and continue to be extremely generous by aiding God’s work.  Your giving remains crucial to ensure that our church remains healthy now and into 2021 after the storm has passed. 

The annual campaign begins in October. You will see four virtual cameos from parishioners (one each Sunday during the online worship), outlining their faith story during the pandemic and how it is intertwined with the life and ministry of our church. In late October, you will receive your stewardship packet with an enclosed pledge card. Please prayerfully consider your pledge and return your card by November 1st, All Saints’ Sunday.

I end with this thought. Why pledge or tithe to your church? For me I do this because giving is a part of my faith. I grow spiritually by giving and letting go. I also give because I believe our church represents a source of Christ’s light, radiating hope and goodness in a world of chaos. Our church does so much good, not only for us, but for the community at large. Your support makes all of this possible.  

With Gratitude, 
Tom Jones, Stewardship Chair