Let the little children come to me

After a walk through a sheep pasture and a climb over ancient stone walls, I arrive at my destination. I see the ruins of a monastic church built in the Glendalough Valley, St. Mary’s, the ancient refuge and sanctuary for children and abused women. The echoes of the cloud of witnesses could be felt as I lifted up prayer for children and women. A stone column with the words of Jesus recorded in Luke, “Let the little children come to me” was visible. It reminded me of the call to love and protect our little ones so precious to our Lord and Savior.

All Saints’ has listened to and walked this Gospel call. The parish continues to support safe havens for children and women. Some examples include the opening of a preschool for children that would be otherwise on a waiting list. Another is the founding of CVAN, the Cabarrus Victims Assistance Network, which is a safe haven for battered women.

At All Saints’, you find that you are standing on the shoulders of giants – those faithful Christians from the parish family – and you continue walking in their footsteps by improving the facility. Renovations are planned of the nursery, which was built in 1972. The renovation will to bring the rooms up to code and welcome the youngest of parishioners, as well as their parents, into a beautiful and safe space, a sanctuary for babies and young children.

Some improvements have already been accomplished in the 2014: a new HVAC, sprinkler system and hot water heater.

The next renovation will involve updating electric, plumbing, and new cabinetry, which will include separate hand-washing sinks: one for after diapering and the other for food preparation. Additionally, there will be a small refrigerator with a freezer for safe storage of bottled and breast milk. The stucco walls will be updated by adding smooth plaster, better sight lines will created, incorporation of wiring for TV and phones, installation of new flooring, as well as fresh paint. There will even be new furniture and toys! The renovation team hopes to have the work completed by the first of the year. During this renovation, the nursery will be relocated temporarily to rooms 104 and 105.

The renovation of the nursery is a beautiful testimony that our church family continues to walk into the belief that our children are valued and loved. We are Christ to them and they to us. We are Beloved community.